17 year old boy arrested after impregnating three teenage girls in Kibera


A 17 year old boy from Kibera is allegedly accused of impregnating three teenage girls and refusing to take responsibility.

In an interview with NTV, the girls revealed how the boy tricked them into a sexual relationship and on discovering they were pregnant, he denied involvement in the act.

Interestingly to note is that all the three girls are friends.

“We met after we went for a photo shoot and within 90 days I found out I was pregnant. But when I told him I was carrying his child, he denied it,” one of the girls said.

Another girl claims that the boy enticed him with sweets and gifts and later slept with him but later when she found that she was pregnant and confronted him about it, he refused to take responsibility.

The other pregnant girl’s mother took action and reported the boy to the police and despite being arrested, the boy was released after one month.

Recently, the court of appeal recommended that the age of consent be lowered from 18 to 16 years sparking concern among most citizens.


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