2 out of 5 babies delivered by Kakamega woman reported dead


A day after Everlyn Namukhula, the mother who shot to fame after giving birth to five children, was reported dead, worrying reports emerge that two of her quintuplets have also died.

Dr. Wilson Aruasa who is also the CEO of Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital confirmed the reports saying that the two baby boys were very sick at the time of admission to the hospital.

“There were five babies but the two boys were very sick and have also died. But the 3 girls are okay and growing well,” said Dr. Aruasa.

Dr. Aruasa indicated that the children’s mother death was caused by chest complications with tests conducted after her dead showing that she had enlarged lungs caused by fluids around them.

“She had been very well until this morning (Sunday) when she complained that she was having difficulty in breathing with some headache also. So the doctor who was on duty put her on treatment for blood clotting and antibiotics and then ordered for tests to confirm what the problem was,” said the hospital boss.

Dr. Aruasa added that the three girls still alive are in stable condition pointing out that the smallest of the babies weighed 840 grams at the time of birth while the normal weight is supposed to be 3.5kgs.


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