5 simple tricks to approaching a beautiful girl in a club


Ever heard the phrase that beautiful women are never single? In most cases they actually are.

Men are however almost always reluctant to make a move towards them because truth be told, men fear being put off. Especially in a club or public place.

So here are the tricks to making a move to that beautiful lady you meet in a club;

1). Let your smile speak for you – Look at her and smile. Bend your neck slightly to the right and wink a little. Watch if she smiles back. If she does, you have a chance on her. If she doesn’t, try something different.

2). Eye contact – Our eyes have a magical touch. They speak what words can’t and pass messages only our hearts can think about. Most beautiful ladies are attracted to men who maintain eye contact with them. They feel like you are seeing inside them and thus easily give in.

3). Take one step – Fimbo ya mbali? Exactly. You never win a woman’s heart by shouting emotions from a distance. Walk over to her without forgetting your smile and eye contact behind. Calmly introduce yourself to her and give her a complement that does not touch on her beauty. Something like the next point.

4). Offer to buy her a drink – Mkono mtupu haulambwi! Chances are she will say no. Check what she is drinking and ask the waiter/waitress to top her up. She will say thanks. Start from there. Make your conversation more about her than about your interest or ufisi on her.

5). Break ground – Find out her interests. Use them to build a picture of her potential. Make fun about her weaknesses in a positive way. Let her know that it was a pleasure meeting her but don’t go too deep. Break the conversation ground, take her contacts if you can and leave room for future conversation.


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