8 times Daniel Moi’s press secretary Lee Njiru attacked Jomo Kenyatta


Lee Njiru has been described by Jeff Koinange as a walking encyclopedia. Here are 8 quotes that Lee Njiru used to criticize Kenya’s first president the late Jomo Kenyatta.

1). It was very unfortunate that when he started ageing people around him almost neglected him. We went to Msambweni, Kenyatta collapsed in the washroom

2). You can trace Kenyatta’s deterioration by the way he was signing, because in -the early- 1970s Kenyatta’s signature was beautiful and executed with a flourish. By around 1977 his signature was a mess, it was like a fly whisk in the wind.

3). On Kenyatta’s death: I was depressed and overwhelmed because, when you see the new president with a handkerchief wiping his tears and you are a younger person you feel torn apart and you don’t know what to do.

4). Personally I did not know J.M. well, but he was getting too popular talking about 10 millionaires and 10 million beggars…it was ironic because he was a very wealthy man attacking wealthy people.

5). Kenyatta did not like Nyerere because Nyerere was a socialist, Kenyatta was a dyed-in-the-wood capitalist.

6). Kenyatta was not very fond of pets but because of his friendship with the Emperor he bought that dog a Mercedes 280S, and whenever he went to Mombasa it used to sit back-left and it had its own driver.

7). Mzee Jomo Kenyatta had a few bosom friends one of them was Emperor Haile Selassie, and their friendship was such that the Emperor gifted Kenyatta with a small Poodle.

8). Up to now people feel like there was no independence, because people who went to the bush to fight feel like they were given a raw deal. The home guards and the people who had education were the ones who benefitted.


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