Exclusive : ‘I am saved now’ Akothee confesses


Popular Kenyan female artist Akothee has seen the face of God.

After taking the world by storm after her generous donation to the people of Turkana, Akothee has emphasized that her actions in Turkana were not for PR or publicity issues.

Speaking in an interview with Shaffie and Adele Anyango on Kiss 100, Akothee said that she no longer trusts Kenyans and that whenever she wants to make a donation, she prefers to to it personally.

“I have been doing charity even in the village and I leave money to the people. One time I did a Harambee and I left money for one of the representatives to put up a business for women (like tents and stuff) and that guy (the representative) pocketed the money. I was very mad” Akothee said

Akothee pointed out that her work in Turkana was made possible by her fans who have raised over Sh4 million to support her.

And it is the experience from Turkana that Akothee claims cemented her relationship with God.

“After the experience in Turkana, I got saved. But I will not change my dressing code because I came out of mother’s womb naked” She said.

She further explains that when you have everything money can get you and you meet someone who is only longing for a drop of water, your life becomes transformed.

Going forward, Akothee says that she does not care about money anymore and that all she wants is do something as a citizen to help her fellow Kenyans

“I have no time to waste doing PR. I simply pull up my dress and I am all over the news. I know how to get people talking” she said.

Akothee added that as citizens, we should wake up and realize that we own this country and that it is our duty to support the government and the government to support us.


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