Ezekiel Mutua bans Takataka hit-song in kenya


Kenya Film and Classification Board (KFCB) Boss Ezekiel Mutua has banned the popular Takataka song by Alvin aka Alvindo.

Ezekiel Mutua has publicly declared that Broadcasting, exhibition, distribution (including online) or possession of the song ‘Takataka‘ by Alvin aka Alvindo is a criminal offense.

According to the Moral Police Boss, the song Takataka was not submitted to KFCB for examination and classification.

Ezekiel Mutua argued that the song contravenes Section 12 (2) fo the Films and Stage Plays Act cap 222.

“The song produced by @FastCashMusicKe is restricted due to its obscene and degrading lyrics that advocate for violence against women by equating them to trash,” Ezekiel Mutua said.


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