First lady’s brother to sleep in prison over Sh300,000 debt


Mr. Hillary Obutu has been sent to prison after he pleaded guilty to not being able to repay a debt of Sh300,000.

Hillary who is also brother to Nyamira’s first lady Naomi Nyagarama has been serving as a driver in the County Government of Nyamira.

Hillary was arrested on Friday at the county assembly offices before he was taken to Kisii Law courts where he pleaded guilty to the charges.

“He has been given a 30 days civil sentence which he must serve. Within this period, he’s required to pay all the money to his creditors,” said Wilkins Ochoki, the litigants counsel.

“Infact what the Magistrate did was to give a grace period. He will be required to lobby for the said amount failure to which, he can be condemned to another six months in prison.” Ochoki added.

And while Hillary is expected to repay the debts he has, sources indicate that he is part of a cartel that has been collecting millions from unsuspecting Kenyans in the name of helping them find jobs within the county.

Hillary has also been linked to a gang that is believed to have been sneaking people into the county’s payroll in a move that resulted in his brother-in-law, Governor John Nyagarama, sending home payroll officers for a three month compulsory leave.


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