Keep off our women! Kisii Boda Boda riders asked to stop being sponsors


Boda boda riders from Kisii are accused to be the cause of unfaithfulness in marriages and broken relationships.

And now according to Kisii County Assistant Police Commander Caleb Matoke, most Boda boda operators operating in night hours have turned into sponsors to young college girls in the area.

“Some riders have opted to be sponsors to college ladies in town. Riders operating at night abandon their wives at home to hire college ladies and prostitutes for sex,” he said.

Matoke cautioned the riders against such behaviour pointing out that they risk subjecting their partners to STI’s and other sexually transmitted diseases.

He further urged them to cease the trend and focus on investing the little money they make in supporting their families.

“Riders need to change their habit of becoming sponsors to college students who only love because of money failure to which more marriages are likely to break as well more transmission of sexual diseases will be on the rise,” he added. 

Matoke made the remarks after a man caught his wife sleeping with a Boda boda rider near Masaba Hardware in Kisii town.


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