Kinuthia reveals why he killed Ivy Wangeci


Ivy Wangeci’s killer has revealed that he hacked her to death because he felt that he had invested so much money and love in the young medicine student but she did not reciprocate the same.

The man who has been identified as Kinuthia told Eldoret East DCI Boss Ali Kingi that he had sent Ivy Wangeci money which she was supporsed to use in organising her birthday party but after she received the cash, she refused to pick his calls.

“He said it got to a point where she switched off her phone and that angered him, prompting him to look for an axe and kill the girl,” Kingi told Citizen Digital¬†on Wednesday.

Kinuthia then claims that it’s not the first time he had visited Ivy in Eldoret but she has always been playing hide and seek with him.

He shared how he had visited her briefly on Friday before Ivy excused herself to go change her professional attire only to fail to return.

“However, upon reaching her residential place, the woman switched off her phone, effectively blocking her planned meeting with him,” Kingi narrated.

Kinuthia then decided to return on Monday but after she failed to pick his calls again, he felt angered and got mad.

“Kinuthia said he felt despised by the woman when she refused to pick his calls. From our sources, the suspect bought the axe and knife in Eldoret. They were sharpened in Eldoret,” stated the Eldoret DCI boss.


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