Kisii man hospitalised after being burnt by hot chang’aa


Duke Ogoti from Nyamira county has been hospitalised after he was burnt with hot chang’aa.

Ogoti who brews the illicit brew in his home in Kegogi, Bosamaro in Nyamira County despite the government’s effort to end the business was the victim on Tuesday after he fell into the sufuria with boiling chang’aa.

“Ogoti was alone in his house boiling chang’aa when he miscalculated his steps and fell into hot chang’aa in a sufuria. He screamed for help as his wife was away from home,” said one of the neighbours, Edward Ndege.

According to Ndege, Ogoti was seriously burnt by the time neighbours came to his rescue and rushed to a local clinic after which he was transferred to Nyamira county referral hospital.

While confirming the incident, Nyamira OCPD Lilis Wachira indicated that Ogoti is responding well to medication.

“Members of the public are advised to stop engaging in illicit businesses to avoid being burnt like Ogoti who has been boiling illicit brew secretly without fearing consequences,” the OCPD said.  


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