Raila Jnr and Chipukeezy fight over legalization of weed


Raila Junior has questioned the National Authority for the Campaign Against Drug Abuse (Nacada) director Vincent Muasya’s position on the legalization of weed.

According to Raila Jnr, Victor Muasya, popularly known as Chipukeezy, is not honest with Kenyans as far as the legalizing the hub is concerned.

“I was invited for some interview months ago to debate Vincent Muasya of NACADA openly on the proposed medical bill, he never honored the invitation so it’s unfortunate to see him at a presser on the said issue,” Raila Jnr said in a tweet.

Chipukeezy has been vocal in dismissing calls to legalize weed in Kenya quashing claims that the hub should be exploited for medical purposes.

“Most of these politicians who are pushing for the legalization of marijuana are just creating excitement and that is where my beef starts,” Chipukeezy said in a press conference.

Chipukeezy argues that while weed has its medical advantages, users of the drug, most of whom are young people, are suffering from mental issues as a result of using the drug.


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