Socialite Huddah Monroe to be Nairobi’s Women Rep in 2022


The boss lady Huddah Monroe has announced that she will be seeking the Nairobi Women Representative seat come 2022.

Through a post shared on her Instagram profile, Huddah notified her fans of her intentions to vie for the top seat and asked that they support her.

With the Kibra by-elections evident that politics has transformed into an open game that anyone interested party can freely join, voters will have the final word.

Nairobi Wire indicates that the cosmetics entrepreneur has in recent weeks been teasing the idea of joining politics on her popular Instagram page. In fact, Huddah’s supposed political ambitions have her eyeing to be the first female President of Kenya. Don’t laugh, Lupita said dreams are valid.

The petite beauty uploaded a picture of her supposed campaign poster and wrote: “Nani atanishika mkono? Ama Nipigie Baba Magoti? Sijui nililie Sonko? Ama Nilambez Mr Kenyatta? Nikona maswali!

“Lakini Cha Muhimu ni nyinyi Wazalendo. Mnishikilie, Niwashikilie! TUSHIKAMANE!!!(Inserts unnecessary KITENDAWILI) (Hakuna kisicho badali – There is nothing that cannot be replaced.)🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣.”


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