What Museveni told female journalist that left Uhuru laughing out loud


the reigning President of Uganda has caused a stir on the internet after a cryptic response to a female journalist only identified as June.

Speaking about investment at a joint press conference with Uhuru Kenyatta, June challenged Museveni about his investment decisions and his response has gone viral.

Museveni told the journalist that he learnt about investment way before his father was born.

“Before your father was born … I am sure before your father was born, I saw a paper mill somewhere in Webuye,” Museveni said.

Museveni further ridiculed the millennial journalists for lacking sufficient information on things that matter.

“Have you ever heard of Webuye? This one is dotcom, they know nothing about Africa,” Museveni said, as Uhuru laughed.

As Museveni continued to make fun of the current crop of journalists, the media personalities attending the briefing also joined in the laughter, leading President Uhuru Kenyatta to unconsciously nod to the collapse of Webuye paper mills.

“I don’t know if the paper mill is still there, is it?” Museveni asked.

“It collapsed, it is now we are trying to revive it,” Uhuru responded.


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